Spotting: the passion for capturing aircraft

The operation base of our pilot school in Barcelona is located at Sabadell airport. There we have our own hangar where our aircraft rest once flight activity ends or must undergo their periodical maintenance.

Beyond that, Sabadell airport, like many other airports in the world, is a place for regular pilgrimage for spotters. They are watching and photography of aircraft enthusiasts: true lovers of vehicles that ply the air.

We regularly find an example on the website This digital newspaper dedicated to aviation frequently visits Sabadell runways to capture the maneuvers and flights of our aircraft, such as the case of the photography illustrating this article.

The Barcelona edition of the free newspaper ’20 Minutos’ speaks precisely about this phenomenon on its special supplement ‘’ (in Catalan), for the week of 5th to 12th November 2014. It dedicates its 3 first pages to spotting at Barcelona airport.

Who knows if in the future you, as a pilot or flight attendant trained at our aviation school, will be part of the cabin crew of one of the airplanes captured by spotters.