Learn to use a defibrillator in flight

Being able to assist a passenger in an emergency situation is one of the obligations of any flight attendant. At Dream Flyers we take very seriously this premise, and that is why we have decided to incorporate into our Cabin Crew Course an optional heading to learn to manage Automatic External Defibrillators (AED).

These devices, popularized in recent years, are machines easily manageable and capable of restoring the heart rhythm of a person suffering cardiac arrest by an electric shock.

In fact, all commercial airlines in the US are required to have an automatic external defibrillator at their planes. This practice could be well extended to other companies in the world (the major international airlines have them voluntarily). In Spain, it is under study from a few years ago.

The course we offer lasts about 6 hours of theoretical and practical training with an Automatic Defibrillator, in order to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to perform a first care of cardiac arrest until the arrival of specialized teams.

Instructors from the Spanish National Plan of CPR teach the course. The Spanish Society of Critical Care Medicine and Coronary Units accredits the certification obtained by the student.

Do not hesitate and ask us about this appendix of your training as Cabin Crew. We will offer you a short briefing to introduce the benefits of being able to use the Defibrillator and the contents of this specific course to you.