Best conditions to become a Professional Pilot

The location of our facilities is one of the strenghts of Dream Flyers.

The ground base is in Barcelona, and there we have everything necessary to give our students the best ground training. As long as Barcelona is a well connected city, the transport from anywhere to the academy is not a problem.

Dream Flyers is located between 2 metro stations at 5 minutes walk and very close to several bus stops. Only the flights are made outside the city.

Moreover, the climate is also a main advantage of our academy. Our flight operations base is located in the airport of Sabadell (LELL), where we have 300 sunny days per year, so we offer the perfect scenario to fly nonstop.

The advantages of location and climate are there. Furthermore, Barcelona is known very well for its tourism, leisure activities, mediterranenan food and culture.

Get in touch with Dream Flyers to make your dream come true and become a Professional Pilot.