Two of our ATPL students in flight practice

New opportunity to train as an Airline Pilot from April

Next 7th April can become the day when your life starts to change. Why? Very easy: a new integrated ATPL course begins at our aviation academy.

Roc Massa at the Castellón airport with our Piper PA28R-180

One of the first to land in Castellón

At Dream Flyers we like to be pioneers, this is one of our hallmarks. Therefore, knowing the opening to air traffic of Castellón airport we decided to be one of the first aviation schools to use this new infrastructure.

Cabin Crew students 2014

Meet us closely at Saló de l’Ensenyament 2015

One more year (and now we are on the third row), Dream Flyers goes to Saló de l’Ensenyament to approach you students who seek an exciting future, a profession that will provide a livelihood to you.

Guillem Nuez during a flight practice

“It is a good time to train as a pilot”

Our students make the beating heart of Dream Flyers. That is why we want to present one of our students and the experiences he is having in his training in aviation.

Automatic External Defibrillator

Learn to use a defibrillator in flight

Being able to assist a passenger in an emergency situation is one of the obligations of any flight attendant.

Flight practices of the ATPL training

Become an airline Professional Pilot since March

On March 2015 we begin our new ATPL course. With this training you will accomplish your ambition of piloting airlines aircraft.

Some of our lasts Cabin Crew students

March 2015: the beginning of your flight attendant career

During the second half of March 2015 a new Cabin Crew course is going to start. Would you like to become part of our new promotion?

Aircraft of Dream Flyers

Get your Private Pilot license from January

We are opening a call for a new Private Pilot course early next year.

Multi-engine aircraft Seneca II of Dream Flyers

Spotting: the passion for capturing aircraft

The operation base of our pilot school in Barcelona is located at Sabadell airport.

The student of Dream Flyers modular ATPL course, Salvador Sunyer

Our modular ATPL course students are already flying to Reus

This is the case of Salvador Sunyer, one of the aspiring pilots who have invoked the modular training of our